Leisure centre and CHP

Arnulfpark, Munich

Characterful industrial building that reconciles culturally driven re-purposing with history

Administration building and period building refurbishment – the refurbishment work and new development are intended to retain the authenticity of the former combined heat and power station whilst creating an exciting neo-urban complex.

The refurbished building is home to a theatre with a simple glass portico. The chimney stack was retained as a distinctive feature and constitutes the focal point in the courtyard, which is formed by the new “HKW” office building and the new “Battello” building adjacent to it. The five-storey new building was custom-tailored to the requirements of the tenant, Pact AG. The storeys are staggered and the façade curved to give the building visual interest. The open spaces were designed by the landscape architect firm Kübler from Munich.

From the outside, the former combined heat and power station is a striking Arnulfpark landmark – and it is no less impressive on the inside.

All of the buildings in the complex are unusually well lit, and the interior design devotes a lot of attention to the lighting in order to maximise its effect on the ambience. The result is a lot of free space – in both the literal sense and as an inspirational property of the building. One of the highlights is the expansive staircase with skylight, which picks up on and follows the curve of the building façade. The Rosa-Alscher Group’s subsidiary, SAM Architekturbüro, has created an impressive architectural work that will stand the test of time.

Project details

Developer SynergyBauprojekt GmbH + Co. HKW KG
Start of construction 2006
Completion 2007
Gross floor area 8.739 m²
Underground garage 6,630 m² with 104 parking spaces
Work stages 1-5
Use Commercial use, offices and restaurants
Interior Design  
Bauherr SynergyBauprojekt GmbH+Co.HKW KG
Completion 2010
Work stages 1-5

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