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© Störmer, Murphy and Partners
The winner of the project design competition for the center of the new urban quarter Freiham Nord has been announced

Munich, February 25, 2019 – In summer 2018, Munich Future City West GmbH – a company of the Rosa-Alscher Group – bought the four plots of land that are intended for the future central area of the urban quarter Freiham Nord. They comprise a total fl oor area of 90.000 m2. The innovative pioneer character of this project illustrates an entirely new approach in urban planning. At the end of last year, an architectural competition was initiated for the building and landscape design. Now the winner has been determined: A design with majestic arcades, creating an architectural backdrop worthy of the central Mahatma Ghandi Square.

The two-day selection process

The call for competition entries was addressed to 12 well-established and internationally renowned architecture firms. Their work was presented to an acclaimed jury of experienced judges on January 24, 2019. Amongst the experts in the jury were the head of Munich‘s department of urban development Prof. Dr. (I) Elisabeth Merk and company manager Alexander Rosa-Alscher as well as numerous urban planners, architects and local politicians. The submitted plans and models were assessed according to various aspects including architectural quality, functionality, arcades as a visual design element, the quality of open space as well as of high-density housing space and further key criteria. On January 25, the winner for all four plots of land was announced: Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR from Hamburg together with WES LandschaftsArchitektur GmbH won with 15:0 votes. The prize for the best landscape design was awarded to realgrün Landschaftsarchitekten.

Störmer Murphy and Partners – an internationally renowned architecture firm

Störmer Murphy and Partners GbR is headed by Kasimir Altzweig, Holger Jaedicke, Martin Murphy and Jan Störmer and originated from Alsop & Störmer Architects, which was established in 1990. Since then, the architecture fi rm has won many national and international architectural competitions, has completed over 50 high-profi le, prestigious projects for cultural centers, hotels and offi ce buildings and has been awarded several architecture prizes. In 1 2018, the company that is based on Fleetinsel in Hamburg completed the grand hotel The Fontenay in Hamburg. Currently, the team consists of over 30 architects who are working on the wood-construction high-rise building „Wildspitze“ and the Neuländer Quarree in the port of Hamburg-Harburg amongst other projects.

„A very individual and eye-catching design“

The reason for the jury‘s unanimous decision were the spectacular arcades on three sides of the central square in combination with a skillful design of the high-rise building. This tower will act as a landmark for the new urban quarter and its dominant appearance will be present in the surrounding area. The design of its façade, but also the design of the other buildings on the square, distinguishes itself from standard solutions and clearly reflects the leading architects‘ aim to follow through the project precisely. The harmonious appearance of linear building structures in combination with elegant arcades is especially impressive. The arched shape of the arcades repeats itself in the windows on the high-rise building and gives the building an aesthetically appealing and, at the same time, light appearance. The design is, however, also convincing due to its preciseness and the many details, emphasizing that the arcades and the façade of the tower building stand for themselves. The distinct arcades surrounding the central square will give the shops space as well as flexibility. The jury‘s conclusion: „This concept with its very individual, eye-catching design is a valuable contribution to the further development of the new urban quarter Freiham.“

The future center of Freiham Nord

The new Munich urban quarter Freiham Nord is currently the largest urban development project in Europe; it will provide housing for around 40,000 people and offer working space for 15,000 people. The central area that Munich Future City West GmbH bought under the umbrella of the Rosa-Alscher Group is seen as the showpiece of the new urban quarter. It will consist of an open shopping center, a hotel, office space, approximately 500 apartments, including student housing and a boarding house. It is an important urban focal point and the defining element of a new, exciting building project for which the course for the next decades is currently being determined.

About the Rosa-Alscher Group:

The Rosa-Alscher Group has been realizing landmark architectural projects in Munich‘s cityscape for decades. The superior quality of construction creates real estate properties and investment values that are aesthetically appealing as well as functional and economical. Planning entails highest precision for the affiliated offices SAM Architekten and SAM Plantech. From first drafts to detailed construction plans. Design and development is the second-most important pillar in the Rosa-Alscher Group: From acquisition of the plot of land to the handover of the sustainable, profitable real estate property, the projects are managed with passion and expertise. Realizing visions - that is what Alexander Rosa-Alscher achieves with his Group that conducts all steps during the construction of a building: Due

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